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About Us

Aw shucks, we hate blowing our own trumpets, but writing about yourself and the journey is all the rage these days!


The Co-Founders


Iksit has a background as a Management Consultant specialising in the systems and processes needed for Corporate Strategy Management, helping FTSE 100 Companies across many industries including hospitality.


Epicuri started life in his head a few years ago. He’s passionate about dining out and constantly intrigued with the bigger role technology now plays in everyday life and always looks for a way it can make it a little more fulfilling and a little more fun!


I am responsible for the product offering, architecture and innovation in Epicuri. It’s not enough for me that Epicuri to do the ‘usual’ things better. My role is to push the boundaries, be a little daring and find capabilities not seen anywhere else to create a significant and positive impact for the users, all while staying on point for its value proposition to the business.






Manish is a biologist by training, with a doctorate in mathematical modelling of biological systems. He found his way into algorithmic and programmatic development for investment banks and high frequency trading firms, with an emphasis of dealing with large, complex datasets.


Epicuri makes it all look easy but behind the scenes it is an intricate and well-engineered web of technical wizardry of which Manish is the keeper of.


Technological innovation is the key to making Epicuri a market leader. I am responsible for cooking up new and inventive ways to slice Iksit’s creative thinking into cutting-edge solutions that will put smiles on faces and satiate rumbling bellies. Away from the coder’s keyboard, I’m brainstorming ways that Epicuri’s immense technical framework can continue to deliver tangible benefits to the industry.




The guru’s, mentors and fountains of knowledge


Supporting us, we have a diverse group of individuals that are very generous with their vast experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. These ‘consultants’ have helped us build out the offering in Epicuri so that it resonates with the real challenges that face the modern hospitality business and offers the core and innovative features to help overcome them. Some having more the 45 years in the industry, we have been very fortunate to forge these partnerships and gain many lifetimes worth of knowledge to incorporate into the Epicuri experience.



The brainy bunch


mobile app developers




If there was a Champions League of developers, these guys would be contending in the finals every time. The Distance is team of dedicated developers who create the magic. Epicuri would not have been possible without their expertise and tenacity. Frankly, we’re surprised they still have fingers after all that coding!



ThinkTouchSee Ltd – the company behind Epicuri

ThinkTouchSee started as a technology innovation start-up – a springboard for putting together up-and-coming, trending, new ideas with current technology to create innovative, affordable and materially useful products.


Our ethos to idea generation and implementation has very much been one of answering a set of simple questions:


  • Does this represent a positive and disruptive entry to the current industry?
  • Will the idea change the way people do business in that industry?
  • Are we approaching a real problem with a novel solution that no one else is doing?


It turns out these are pretty stringent filters! Epicuri is the first product to pass the test to make it to completion, and there is a lot more to come!

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