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An App for Everyone


When we talk about Epicuri as the new front-of-house system on the block, most probably are you thinking …


  • Tablets caged inside metal stands
  • Tablets on every table
  • Clunky PDA devices
  • Expensive and ugly desktops and server
  • A tangled mess of cables everywhere!


With Epicuri, you couldn’t be further from the truth!


The Waiter App


This is what you and your staff will use day to day… it’s a feature rich app that will run on a the standard 7 inch Android tablet (Google Nexus 7, right out of a high street store) and that’s it! Switch on your Epicuri service and you are good to go. That’s all the host needs to manage and monitor the restaurant floor.



And a whole heap more! You have to really see it to believe it!


The Guest App


And this is where it gets interesting…! Just as your Epicuri app takes care of you, the Guest App gives your guests specials powers too!


  • Guests can search for restaurants
  • Guests can create reservations/takeaways any time, anywhere
  • Guests can browse your digital menus
  • Guests can check-in when they dine at your restaurant
  • Guests can self-service, such as calling for attention or ordering simple items
  • Guests can view bill, calculate bill splits
  • Guests can easily share their great experience on popular social media sites


Yet another innovation from Epicuri that makes this system so unique and exciting.

Get your guests to download the app and both your guests and you can enjoy the benefits this wonderfully collaborative feature!


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