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Epicuri & BCR Associates

Epicuri & BCR Associates


Amazing opportunities to review your restaurants’ cost-reducing potential!


We appreciate we can’t solve ALL your problems (as much as we like to boast otherwise!) so Epicuri has been expanding its partnerships with other businesses to ensure the best possible service to the industry as a whole. To that end, we have another new and exciting alliance to announce, this time with BCR Associates.


BCR Associates is an award-winning cost-reduction firm that completes a no-cost, no-obligation audit of a business’ essential spending holistic approach and then creates a custom cost and risk management plan to push down costs and drive efficiencies.


BCR Associates have been awarded the prestigious ‘Cost Management Consulting Firm of the Year 2014’ as well as the Best Business Award.


Our partnership with BCR Associates gives us the unique opportunity to introduce our customers with recognized and respected cost-reduction professionals who have a proven track record of success and who have drastically changed the businesses of their clients.


“BCR Associates have been a godsend in guiding us through the CRC process step by step, as well as handling our contract renewals. Everything they do is completed with the minimum of fuss, good communication and a refreshing level of clarity. They keep us informed of developments and pitfalls but have never resorted to the scare tactics many other advisors seem to favour in trying to win business. I am extremely glad Abode hotels has been able to work in partnership with BCR Associates.” Jacinta Magee of Abode Hotels Group.


Now, thanks to a partnership between Epicuri and BCR Associates, their experience can be yours too. We will introduce you as part of the Epicuri conversation or find out more at http://bcrassociates.co.uk/about-us


(Spread the joy, tell them Epicuri sent you!)



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