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09 Feb 2015

Epicuri Reseller

Join the Epicuri Revolution


If you want to be part of our success, all you have to do is pick up the phone or send us an email! 


Epicuri is open for tender! Are you an experienced reseller professional interested in joining our exciting reseller partnership program? Contact us!

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30 Dec 2014

Impatience is a virtue!

So its time to get started with Epicuri

…What happens now?
Well, of course you know that installation of software like this is a VERY complicated process. First there are 2 months worth of workshops, 2 months to install the hardware followed by a month fiddling with the settings then your are nearly there with just a months worth of training left to do. You’ll be up and running about this time next year!

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Deciding on the “Best” EPOS for your Restaurant

You have a dream.


You want to create a unique restaurant and dining experience, with the best possible quality in ingredients and service. Or perhaps you have spotted an exciting gap in the market for an off-the-wall fast food joint. Or maybe you already have a beautiful venue and now you’re deciding on the next round of improvements that’ll take your restaurant to the next level…

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Me, Myself and I

While going through our journey of introducing Epicuri to the world, there are a few questions and observations that come up often.


An App Just for me?


One feedback is that the Epicuri guest app will hold all the Epicuri restaurants for the guests to see, rather than being an app specifically for your restaurant. During a few of these conversations, the impression we have is that restaurants see this as a disadvantage as they feel they may be competing for the attention of the guest.


First off, let’s address the basic misconception… Epicuri is not a discovery service in the traditional sense! There are many marketing services that you can sign up to (and pay as much as you like for!) to get your restaurant marketed listed among 1000’s of others and get busy trying to stand out for the attention of potential diners.
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The Mission Begins

Light Bulb Rocket Icon

5… years in the making

4… months of launch planning

3… weeks of PR

2… incredible apps

1… singular goal: to create happier guests!

Blast off! Epicuri has arrived!


With great pride and pleasure we’re happy to announce that Epicuri was a huge hit at the Restaurant Show in Earls Court! It almost broke our backs to get there, but in the end we had a great stand, a great team and a great audience!


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Self service. Great Idea…bad execution!

Great Idea…

Lets talk about customer engagement.

Better customer engagement is definitely a good idea and given the technology available today, the potential for engaging your diners has never been higher. One of the key parts of this engagement is in the area of self service whether that means placing orders, viewing menus or submitting payment.

Many studies have shown that for the vast majority of establishments, some degree of customer self service has been shown to increase table values and increase customer satisfaction. It seems that self service can do no wrong, allowing restaurateurs to capture more orders, turn tables quicker with higher satisfaction level.

Given that the benefits are clear to see, self service (to some degree) is resoundingly considered a good idea.


…but then comes the bad execution


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New EU Food Allergen Rules: Let Epicuri Take Care of it!



EU food agencies have introduced new regulations, due to come into effect on December 2014, which will stipulate the responsibilities of the restaurant to communicate allergen advice on all food served at the venue. The website has a summary version of the EU1169/2011 FIR Regs, click here to read more. The actual regulation documents can be found here.

These regulations will affect all food service organisations, no matter what the size.

In short, if you serve food then you are affected. These new regulations carry unlimited fines for every offence and they come into force during the busiest time of the year. The widely reported estimate is that this change is going to cost the industry £200m to comply.


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