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Capture More Orders

After all you are running a business…

So let’s talk about revenue.


We are often a bit shy to admit it but ultimately, at its core, Epicuri is a revenue generating force to be reckoned with! Almost everything Epicuri does somehow leads back to happier guests, increasing opportunities for sales, whilst reducing effort for your staff… and it does this in a number of very interesting and clever ways!


What does it mean for you and your bottom line?


Open for reservations… 24/7


Almost 70% of people will choose an alternative venue because they can’t get through to their restaurant of choice.

With Epicuri never miss a table booking because the restaurant is closed, or the line is busy. Your guests can book any time, anywhere and with the convenience of their own smartphone.


Takeaway bookings… for any time… at any time


According to our research, your guests are almost 5 times for likely to book a takeaway on their smartphone than use a website!


With Epicuri guests can book or schedule takeaways any time with their own smartphones. Let guests order their Friday takeout in seconds and it simply drops into the kitchen queue at the appropriate time.


Reduce no-shows


Your poor guests are often just too busy to dial a telephone number and speak to someone to cancel their unwanted appointments! This is bad news and lost revenue for restaurants.

With Epicuri no-shows are drastically reduced. Guests are reminded of their reservations and given a one-touch option to keep it updated. Restaurants can roll out the red carpet in confidence.


A waiter that never rests


As a diner, how many times have you fancied a final drink but by the time the busy waiter gives attention, changed your mind and just asked for the bill? The restaurant loses an order and the guest leaves not fully satisfied. This is a lose-lose situation that Epicuri can just make disappear.


With Epicuri once checked in, guests have the ability to quickly and easily create orders from their own smartphones. The item is routed directly to the kitchen/bar and automatically added to the bill. Trials show up to 15% increase in orders…and diners appreciate being able to service themselves so that they can spend more time in conversation and less time trying to flag busy wait staff.


Outstanding features at a down-to-earth costs


So before you  finally get to the inevitable ‘What does Epicuri cost?’ conversation. Have a think about this. With all these capabilities, consider if Epicuri helps your restaurant capture:


  • Just 1 extra takeaway a week… now that a busy phone line is not a problem.
  • Just 1 extra table reservation a week… now that the guest can now book on their app.
  • Just 1 extra drinks order per day… now that the guest doesn’t have to wait for your busy waiters.


Even with such ridiculously conservative assumptions, what would that mean as extra revenue for you? Now think about what is more realistic…


Interested now?? We thought you might be… Contact Us


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