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Enterprise Features, Down-to-Earth Pricing


What are these “Enterprise features” exactly?!


Wow! Where to begin?! Epicuri packs such a massive feature punch that it would be very hard to condense into just one page!


  • Entire administration from a single, neat app on a tablet
  • Complete floor plan management
  • ‘Hands free’ booking of reservations/takeaways
  • Complete menu management
  • Guest ‘Reputation’ tracking
  • Activity and trend reporting
  • Live table status, early warning system when restaurant is reaching capacity
  • Building up ‘verified’ guest database (Emails, telephone, etc)
  • Tight integration with a unique diner-side smartphone app (Apple and Android)
  • On-screen and wirelessly printed order slips
  • Intelligent printing (eg food order go to kitchen, drinks to the bar)
  • Guest wait-list management


and so much more !


So what do I get for my money?


Short answer: Everything!


We believe in making costs in line with the least that Epicuri can do for you. That’s yet another reason why Epicuri is unique – there is no other product on the market that will cover the breadth of features, and at the price point that we offer. Epicuri is not a just another one trick POS or back office or reservation system. The fully featured Epicuri platform helps you connect with your guests from the moment they think of you, to the moment they leave with their bellies full! Epicuri gives you the potential for business growth NO other system can.


WIth that great big feature list above, consider what difference Epicuri could make for your restaurant…


  • Just 1 extra takeaway a week… now that a busy phone line is not a problem.
  • Just 1 extra table reservation a week… now that the guest can now book on their app.
  • Just 1 extra drinks order per day… now that the guest doesn’t have to wait for your busy waiters.


Even with such ridiculously conservative assumptions, what would that mean as extra revenue for you? Now think of what extra revenue you might achieve with some more realistic numbers…!



Exactly!  Things are about to get very interesting.



What is Epicuri’s pricing model?


Epicuri operates a simple fixed monthly subscription, plus any hardware costs.


  • No long commitments
  • No hidden costs for you (or your guests!)
  • No fee per order or cover
  • No premiums as your restaurant grows


Just one simple, flat monthly rate!


In fact, with our loyalty and referral bonuses, you may find there is no cost some months… only benefit!


The hardware, it’s proprietary and costs an ‘arm and a leg’ right?


Absolutely not. Our basic offering of 2 tablets, and 2 printers or touch-screens is still less than 10% of our competitors! We have specifically chosen hardware that is easy to come by and available from the high street, all the software needs is a connection to the regular internet so that you don’t have to worry about an enormous investment just to get Epicuri working for you.


We have no restrictions on the way you bring hardware in for your solution – buy your own devices or lease them from us. Use your own internet connection or talk to us and we’ll introduce you to preferential-rated providers. We are here to help every step of the way.


Give us a call and find out what set-up would suit your business, completely obligation-free.


So what will it cost me?


Remember that from July 2014 we’re offering introductory rates for everyone – that’s a fixed price for life. Moreover you can get a number of months free as an early adopter. Everyone gets a 1 month free just while you get used to using it and we are busy tuning Epicuri to fit your restaurant.


While the Epicuri subscription is relatively straight forward exact pricing would depend on what hardware and additional services you need.


Contact us to get the ball rolling… but prepare to be surprised! During trials we saw restaurants regain the cost two to threefold. (Yeah! It’s that good!)

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