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Epicuri and Hotel F&B

14 Apr 2015

No longer a side effect!


A few months back we were be exhibiting at IHTF, a forum for hoteliers to talk about the technology that enable services at their Hotels.


Overwhelmingly the products on offer had focus on the ‘rooms’ business and geared toward guests being able to take maximum benefit from the guests STAY at the hotel.


We believe that there is a big investment at the hotel that remains relatively untapped. The hotel restaurant, until recently, has been seen as just a side effect of the hotel stay. In many cases the investment and emphasis was lacking in that the outlet is seen as just a convenience and has quality and service below that of ‘dedicated’ restaurants just outside the hotel.


However in recent years there has been a shift toward a fuller F&B offerings within hotels where the restaurant is achieving better profitability largely due to the fact that there has been some more focus in this area.


A few notable trends over recent years include

  • Hotels partnering with celebrity chefs
  • Increase in the F&B choices available to guests (Restaurants, Lounges, Bars)
  • More emphasis on retail-style concepts within restaurant.


So why is there a shift?


The simple case is that guests from nearly all market segments have become more demanding. Food, Drink and the dining experience is now often a bigger draw than the hotel ‘stay’ with some establishments finding that the F&B offering is now an important contributor to the rooms business and cements the hotels position in the market. Chefs have gone from being hidden away in the kitchen to innovators with a celebrity status.


Now more than ever, the guest’s experience with food & beverage plays a far more important role in overall satisfaction with the hotel. This explains why, in recent years, food and beverage departments are either hiring or remaining intact while other departments may have faced downsizing.


New Trends, New Friends – Epicuri Integrates with Mews Systems!


A few short months from the IHTF event, Epicuri now has an active integration with Mews Systems and in partnership with Openyourhotel.com, we have just set up the first hotel and the first Epicuri site outside of the UK.


Mews Systems is a drop-in replacement to the dinosaur PMS systems of yesterday… In their own words:

Imagine that one super-smart system handles all of your hotel operations; imagine that each individual software component functions seamlessly and efficiently with the others; and imagine that all of it is more visually appealing than anything you’ve seen from hotels yet. As hoteliers ourselves, we have created this – a complete and visionary hospitality package that thinks and functions in the way that 21 ST Century software should.


This is an exciting new partnership, and a new way of doing business in hospitality.


We believe hotel food and beverage deserves to be at the forefront of hotel offering, an integral part of why customer choose to make your hotel their destination of choice.

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