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Epicuri Booking Widget

Bored of copy/pasting reservation emails into your EPoS system? Zzzzz….


Whilst the Guest App  takes care of putting reservations into directly into the Epicuri diary, we understand that booking widgets are a somewhat necessary web accessory (even in 2015…)


So, here’s a quick way you can put a booking widget on your website, which puts all of your bookings into the Epicuri system directly. Moreover, it is subject to the same stringent checks as the Guest App  when creating a booking, i.e. jump through the Fuse Box hoops.


As of June 2015 the new booking widget not only emails diners and restaurants on new bookings, it also supports multiple languages and is customisable with your website CSS.

Epicuri Booking Widget

Epicuri Booking Widget


You can find instructions on how to install the widget on your site on the Epicuri Helpdesk.

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