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Cat5 Ethernet Cable


Connectile Dysfunction? 


We’ve all been there: the one time you REALLY need to get online, usually at the critical moment, something glitches out or you get that dreaded spinning wheel…. Did the email send? Can my customers get online? How will I look at cute pictures of cats now?


We spoke to a famous hotel chain recently, they suffered an internet outage at the same time the hot water went out in the hotel (unrelated we assumed!). The hotel manager said they received 4 times more complaints about the Wi-Fi than they did for the hot water!  Unfortunately, poor internet connections are a reality for many restaurant and hotel owners, which can result in frustration and bad customer experience. Epicuri aims to help end this struggle for our customers and by whole-heartedly recommending the expertise of PC Heart. PC Heart provides a wide variety of enterprise-level technology services, including but not limited to internet connectivity and maintenance, onsite visits, expert advice, complete business installations, and with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.


PC Heart has years of experience in the technology industry and employs only the highest-end professionals to work on your projects. Their fast and efficient service is industry leading and they routinely offer special deals for their partners, like Epicuri members.


Epicuri doesnt ask for much more that a decent connection to work wonders for your front of house, more than that it is clear that Wi-Fi –high speed and dependable – is no longer a commodity but a utility. Your guests simply expect it just like hot running water!


For more information on PC Heart and the services they offer, visit http://pcheart.co.uk/business_services.html and tell them that you are #FriendsWithEpicuri!



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