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Epicuri Reporting Centre

We released our latest update on April 1st, and while the date might be a day for pranks, the newest addition to Epicuri is no joke!



Reporting Centre is a powerful new feature that allows restaurant owners to run a variety of reports generated from the data flowing out from the restaurant floor. While many providers charge extra for these premium services, Epicuri Reporting Centre is included as part of the standard Epicuri subscription.


Already there are a number of powerful reports available. Review your activity trends, download your customer information, analyse where revenue is being generated and more. Furthermore, we realise the value of having Epicuri as a tool in your bigger restaurant toolbox. Epicuri being open and friendly as it is will let you export this data for use in other platforms and programs. Your reports will be delivered in the common CSV format, which is compatible with all spreadsheets and most 3rd party systems.


We are about arming you with what you need to enhance every aspect of your restaurant service, from tweaking the bottom line to customer service and everything in between. Transforming raw data into meaningful, relevant information for you to review is absolutely essential in shaping the future of your restaurant and we are proud to offer you a growing capability in this regard.


This is just the beginning! Reporting centre, business intelligence and other data services within Epicuri is set to mature further in coming months, we are always looking for feedback to see how we can leverage the goldmine of data we collect into powerful, actionable insight for you the restaurateur.


We are offering incentives for Epicuri subscribers to utilise these new functions and critically review them for research and development purposes.


Contact us to find out more.

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