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Epicuri Restaurant Menu API

27 May 2015

Ordering Food Online

Epicuri is announcing the first part of our Open API Library now available to subscribers.

Restaurant Menus.

As part of the Epicuri set-up, your restaurant menus were modelled and digitised ready for Epicuri to serve up (pun intended) while your wait staff are by the table taking an order … we have now made all that hard work more worthwhile by making your menus available via an API and so, consumable in many more ways.

Go Digital with your Menu’s!

Use Epicuri Restaurant Menu API to

  • Feed your website so that guests can browse your latest menu(s)
  • Feed a custom template to share with your menu printing service… or better still:
  • Feed a custom, interactive menu browser for your guests!

By using the API your menu stays updated instantly. Change it in Epicuri and it’s instantaneously updated everywhere!

(This is icing on the cake, remember digital menu’s are already available to your guests via the Epicuri Diner app! Encourage your guests to download and use this free app to browse menu’s, book tables/takeaways and a whole lot more.)

Get in touch to take full advantage of your restaurant information, we’re always looking to dream up new ways to use your data to help make running your restaurant that little bit easier.

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