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I already have an ePOS system, why would I need Epicuri?

Because Epicuri isn’t just ePOS! Whilst there is some overlap, Epicuri’s focus has and always will be front of house operations. That means prioritising those functions that are most important to your waiters and diners and at the same time driving revenue for your business. We are unique in the market in this respect, as all of our development is geared towards making both your business grow and delighting your guests with a wonderful dining experience.


Can Epicuri integrate with my current POS?

Not normally. Traditional POS systems are great at doing what they do – feeding the back of house operation. Functionality like stock managing is great but this is not where Epicuri is looking to make an impact at the moment. Epicuri is in the business of helping you run your front of house by engaging guests betters, capturing more sales and reducing staff effort.


That said, when we see another great product we do consider integration!


If Epicuri is cloud (internet) based system, what happens when my internet goes down?

Cloud solutions are the way of the future – however inevitably there may be times your internet connection isn’t up to scratch. Investing in a reliable internet connection really is key for any restaurant nowadays.


But don’t worry, this is Epicuri we’re talking about here – we don’t do spinning gerbil wheels or any such thing. Firstly, the system is pretty resilient to intermittent connections. You’ll never lose an order print or anything like that. Secondly, June 2015 will see the release of a clever little gadget that will stand in as your hero and save you from that dreaded internet outage… without making it sound too complex, rest assured that this backup system will mean you can run a cloud EPOS Epicuri solution at your restaurant, whether you have a reliable connection or not!


Is Epicuri a tablet for every Table?

No not at all. It’s funny how many people think immediately it’s an on-table app, therefore defusing the role of the waiter almost entirely – that is not what Epicuri is about!

Epicuri is in fact two apps – one, the “Waiter App”, is for the hosts to hold, where many of the great features are packed in. The waiter can order, manage the floor, deal with calendar updates etc. Activate as many of these ‘host’ app tables at you need.  The second app is the “Guest App” which the guests download to their phones. From here they can create bookings and takeaways, search for restaurants and – crucially – be able to “check-in” to your restaurant to tap the full power of Epicuri!


Can Epicuri really drive revenue for my business?

Absolutely. The app empowers your staff to not only drive efficiency but will also save time and increase opportunities for sales. No more lost orders, no miscommunication between front and back of house,  easier floor management. Epicuri has it all. With the unique Guest App, Epicuri comes into its own. Guests can create orders, order takeaways, make reservations… and more  from the ulta convenience of their own smartphone! The potential benefits are huge… we’d love to tell you all about it. Just give us a call or drop us an email for a free, no-obligation demo.


Sounds expensive…?

Nope. Even if Epicuri picks up only 1 extra reservation / takeaway per week, your investment probably pays off! We’re serious!  Unlike many of our competitors, we will not charge you silly amounts for a system, rather than squeezing each customer we prefer to have our eye on a bigger goal, we want Epicuri to be ubiquitous and enhance dining experience for restaurateur and guest alike…

  • Get Epicuri FREE for the first month. If you don’t see a benefit in that time, let us know and we’ll pack it up, shake hands with no hard feelings. Though we’re totally confident that if you embrace Epicuri, the you will see the benefits right away.
  • Pay a modest monthly fee – one that we’re sure you’ll see come back to you in terms of new revenue.
  • Use Epicuri all you like… with as many guests, as many reservations and as many takeaways as you want. There are no extra fees for you or your guest. Just one flat, simple rate.


I can’t expect my guests to be tapping away on their phone all the time, so why do it your way?

That’s the beauty of our system – Epicuri is so quick to use it’ll just take a second or two to do something that might otherwise take minutes. Guests are happier when their order is taken, they won’t be busy trying to catch the the waiters’ attention. Instead they’ll make their order and get back to doing what they came to do: enjoying the atmosphere, service and food and at your restaurant!  That said, we appreciate that some guests / establishments will prefer more traditional methods to order. Thats fine too! Epicuri gives your customers the option of using the service but by no means makes it mandatory. The time saving from using Epicuri gives your staff more time to spend with the diner making sure the service isn’t rushed and exceeds expectations.


Why would I want diners to use phones during their meal?

You don’t. And neither do we.  Having said that, look around… smartphones are everywhere. Your diners are using them already, so why not channel that to some good use? Just a few taps on the phone to order a round of drinks is not much harder than checking the time… but now you have happier guests as they have just saved 5 mins of awkward hand waving and fuss to get what they want!


Is Epicuri for big chains or small independents?

Both. At our price point, independent restaurants need not worry about extortionate rates. The potential business benefits are in line for both independents and chains. We’ve got it covered!


How hard is it to use Epicuri? 

Even after a few minutes, you will find Epicuri is very easy and intuitive. Its diliberately simple as all the complexity is hidden in the cloud where all the hard work happens! When you start, we can be onsite to take your staff through the common scenario’s. Identify the ‘face’ of your front of house and take advantage of Epicuri’s concept of the dedicated ‘host’ whose main role is to greet the guests and ensure orders are collected quickly and accurately.


Does Epicuri record everything I sell?

No.  The data is held for the course of the meal so that a bill can be produced, once closed it is aggregated and anonymised. There is no way to link historical transactions to specific restaurants. Epicuri is not an accounting system.


Are you trying to put staff out of a job?

Absolutely not. We prefer to see this as a way to have your staff only perform valuable tasks.

Example: During the course of a meal, staff take time running back and forth from the tables taking many orders for drinks or appetisers. There is no value the staff can add other than take the order and deliver the order. These high-volume-low-value tasks make your staff busy and stressed! Now imagine these types of orders simply appear in front of your barman with no staff effort… The time saved dealing with these can be used to give your customer an unrushed service, really spend time with them during main course selection and talk to them about what they like and how they would want their meal. This is value… and will leave a lasting impression.


Where do you operate?

All UK regions.

We are currently concentrating on the UK market with a view to expanding soon. Teams are set up in North, South and Midlands for quick response.


Epicuri is not really bound to any region – If you are outside of the UK please contact us and let’s see what we can work out for you!


What kind of support can I expect?

The very best, of course. No off-shore call centres, no novices… when you call our support team you will be put through to someone who will know the system thoroughly and will help you fix any issues. We are serious about service! If it rings more than a couple of times, your calls goes right up to the founders who will deal with it personally.


What’s the language its written in?

Magic  🙂



Have a burning question left unanswered? Ask us.

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