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Floor Management


Epicuri adds another dimension to restaurant management with its dynamic floor layouts.


Get Floored by Epicuri’s Floor Management


During set-up, the Epicuri team will help you draw out your restaurant space and set you up with your basic table layouts.


Then over to you! Watch your floor come to life and capture a take of your restaurant from a unique perspective!


With Epicuri floor management couldn’t be easier.


  • Create floorplan layouts for any occasion
  • At the touch of a button rearrange the tables as you see fit, on the fly, in the middle of your service!
  • Create a table, shape it, rotate it, resize it, place it and you’re off!
  • Save floorplan layouts for repeating occasions.
  • Create multiple floorplans and visualise them simultaneously.
  • Updates push down to all the other devices at your restaurant instantly
  • Live table progress! Keep a track of your tables by monitoring progress of each one through simple but effective colour coding


Custom Table Arrangements


At least 7 in 10 of regular restaurant goers have experienced confusion over what they ordered, whether that’s because of busy waiter staff or being a large party. Use Epicuri and watch such problems disappear!


  • Arrange seats around the table as you please
  • Epicuri guests are clearly shown (check out their info, you might see its their birthday! Make it one to remember!)
  • Attach orders specifically to each guest or the table as a share
  • Epicuri remembers who ordered what so bill splits become a piece of cake on the Guest App!


This level of integration between restaurant and guest has never been possible before Epicuri. You now have all the tools to provide the best possible experience for guests and have them coming back for more.

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