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21 Feb 2015


Epicuri runs online… so what if restaurants lose their connection?


Even in the most ideal situations, the internet can still be a little unreliable. How does Epicuri respond during momentary losses of connection or complete connectivity failure?


Epicuri is cloud-based, there is simply no other way to offer your the incredible features as we do so it will obviously be affected by internet connectivity issues. Most cloud services will simply leave it there…it’s the perfect excuse!


We are a little more diligent! We have spent a lot of time making sure that Epicuri copes as well as it possibly can in the event of a loss in connection. Epicuri will notify the user immediately and will keep trying to until an internet connection is established and then auto-recover and sync. Our number one priority… NO DATA SHOULD BE LOST and our safeguards make sure that remains the case.


If there is a total connectivity failure… let’s face it, it’s not a perfect world and it can happen. The question is… why would it fail?


It is important to understand that as a business proprietor in the hospitality industry, internet is a necessity not an amenity. One of our hotel clients in London recently had two simultaneous (but unrelated!) issues where the wifi and the hot water went out completely. Before it was resolved, the front desk had logged 6 complaints about the water but 23 complaints about the wifi! In this connected age, internet is a must and customers will simply assume it is available.


In light of this, it is encouraging to know that most failures are avoidable. The most important thing is to choose a quality, reliable internet provider. In this industry, you get what you pay for, so don’t shy away from a company with a good reputation and good reviews just because of a higher price tag. (See Epicuri’s list of business partners who might be able to help you here.)


With so many hardware and service options to ensure connectivity only the most severe cases would see total failure.


But we can help too! Epicuri is continuing to improve our off network capability. We are in the process of developing an offline Epicuri service that will allow the core functions to operate even though the internet may be down.


So we may soon be a cloud service that can also run offline! Pretty groundbreaking stuff which is why it may be a few months before we have something to show you… in the meantime get yourself a great wifi service and get onboard with Epicuri. You will find that it pays for itself sooner than you think.

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