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Go Paperless!

Reduce delay for better service and higher margins!

Waiter App Ordering

Order items on the Waiter App


With Epicuri waiters can make orders that wirelessly transmit to your kitchen or bar – or wherever you want them to go.


No more lost orders.

No more mistakes.


Epicuri can send orders to a screen view of all open tickets. If you prefer, it can additionally print out slips too! Epicuri makes it easy for your staff to see open orders and act on them quickly.


And with your guests using the Guest App, your guests don’t even have to call the waiter for simple orders like drinks or snacks.


What does all this mean?


Bottom line: More time for your waiters to spend with guests.


If we told you that an average waiter spends approximately 40% of his/her time doing valueless tasks, wouldn’t that worry you?


  • How many minutes does the average waiter spend relaying orders to kitchens and bars?
  • How many times can orders get lost in the process?
  • How many missed orders are there when your waiters are busy?


Up to 70% of regular restaurant goers will fail to flag a waiter; not only does that mean lost revenue for you but also the standard of service isn’t quite where it should be.


Your waiters can cut the time they spend doing tasks that can be automated accurately and efficiently with Epicuri! That means more time at the table conversing with your guests and delivering an exceptional service!


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