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Good service is just like a good ketchup…



Epicuri can help improve your customer service experience and keep your diners coming back!


Servers and wait staff should be attentive, punctual, and professional. But did you know that there is a line that can be crossed between appropriately attentive and pushy?


According to, a respected hospitality industry blog, pushy waiters can deter guests from leaving tips or even returning to the restaurant in the future by visiting their customer’s tables too frequently, not allowing them to fully enjoy and experience the meal.


Clearly the same goes for an inattentive service.


49% of surveyed diners said that some wait staff behaviours, like topping off already full glasses or asking too frequently how things are going, can make them have a negative dining experience instead of a positive one! So what is the proper sequence of events and what is the ideal pacing? The only one to answer than question is you the restaurateur, only you have that ideal schedule in your mind when it comes to what kind of journey you wish to take our customers on.


..and then what?


This is where Epicuri comes in: the table “schedule” facility – one of many great features in this full fledged EPOS system – allows you to define and then your wait staff to provide the balanced customer service that you want for your guests.


When you join Epicuri we’ll help you set-up Table Scheduling so that it is completely customised to your particular experience. As you create your own sequence of events, the app creates a timed checklist for your staff to follow, ensuring that all guests receive comprehensive, correctly-timed and above all CONSISTENT service regardless of who the server is.


Contact our customer service representatives at Epicuri today to find out all of the many different ways that our app can revolutionize your restaurant floor.

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