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Guest Wait-List


Epicuri helps your staff  to manage your guests, even when they aren’t seated!


  • Create parties on your list, both ad hoc and based on your reservations calendar
  • See all your waiting guests on the app
  • List updates if the waiting guest changes their mind
  • Start tabs or seat directly from the app
  • If checked in, Epicuri pages your guests on their smartphones to let them know their table is ready!


Great Features baked in!


Why spend £thousands on a bespoke pager system, when you get it as part of your Epicuri subscription?


A popular restaurant we spoke to in Manchester said their paging system cost £1900 to set up, plus £150 a month service charge plus £99 for each pager that becomes a souvenir or dropped in beer ! (they lose on average 3 pagers a month).


We find this practice crazy, why give your merry guests expensive hardware to hold when there is perfectly good hardware you can use already sat in their pockets?!


That’s right, when a guest has the Guest App downloaded on their smartphones, you can page them when their table is ready! Check them in and let then wonder off or enjoy your bar! When their table is ready they’ll come running back to be fed!


Epicuri Check-in makes life simpler


When you sign on we’ll give you loads of extra goodies! These will include QR codes and NFC stickers that you can put on your window so that you guests can check-in to your restaurant with their smartphones.


As soon as a guest checks in, Epicuri will stick them on your waiting list, ready to be seated or start a tab! With their profiles filled in you’ll even know their names and dietary preferences so greet them like buddies and give customer service a new meaning!



Reservations tied up seamlessly!


No more tedious checking off from your scrappy printout of reservations! As soon as a guest checks-in Epicuri will marry up the check-in with the reservation for that guest and cross it off your calendar!


Tables, takeaways, reservations and waiting list management , it just couldn’t be easier with Epicuri! (not to mention saving you a PILE of cash!)

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