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Have wheels… can travel!

While Epicuri is proudly ‘Made in UK’ but we are pleased to announce that Epicuri is also now ready for the rest the world!




As of April, Epicuri’s globalisation is complete. Forward-thinking restaurants outside of the UK can now subscribe to Epicuri and select their own currency and timezone.

This update is barely out of the door already we have an exciting new hotel in Netherlands onboard. Happily using Epicuri to serve guests in their 3 Restaurants and Bars.

Our development team are taking a well deserved break (to work on some other interesting features!) but further improvements to make Epicuri better at travelling is scheduled for later in 2015. Translation of the Epicuri app and also the capability to maintain menus in multiple languages among some of the things planned…

What else would you like to see?

We are excited not only about the opportunity to put more interesting menus in front of more guests, but also the beginning of a community of Epicuri users without borders!

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