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The Epicuri ‘Hub’

The hub view in Epicuri is the heart of your operations. A far cry from the ugly, blocky screens you are used to seeing. Here you are presented with a bespoke layout of your restaurant floors with the chosen /configured table layout,  this combines with all the settings we will have discussed and set in the Epicuri Fusebox. Now if we look a bit closer and you can start to see how powerful this is going to be !


Live table status


Having trouble keeping a track of your tables, or keeping up with the expected schedule?


When we set up Epicuri for you, we’ll ask about typical timings and typical trends at your restaurant.  We use this information to model the “average” tabled session so that Epicuri can start to predict when it’s time to serve drinks, or starters, or whatever event you want to keep a track of… it’s completely configurable to any type of service your restaurant runs!


The scheduling is subscriptive rather than prescriptive – meaning you can use this a guideline to manage your floor. To a more or lesser degree as you are comfortable with.


  • Manage your wait list more efficiently – See all tables at a glance and make better estimates as to when one will become available
  • Guests get the most consistent dining experience, Epicuri reminds the host to make sure the guests are offer the advantage of all aspects of the service
  • Tables turn more efficiently and with higher values


Once set up watch your floor come alive with status updates!  Never again will your guests be left twiddling their cutlery waiting for a course to be served. Epicuri reminds you to offer attention to tables that may be inactive for a while and gives the wait staff an at-a-glance view on how far the table has come along.




Of course, we can’t go a whole page without mentioning the special Epicuri Guest App! When your guests ask for service or the bill, these requests are also routed through to the hub and highlighted for the host to act on (with an indicator to show how long they have been waiting).


Different notifications show up differently, swipe them away when complete or they’ll turn from amber to red as an early warning indicator. This way Epicuri allows you to pre-empt  a bad guest experience before they turn into bad memories and, heaven-forbid… bad reviews!


Epicuri ‘Hub’ is a great way for the host to concentrate and co-ordinate efforts on the restaurant floor and dedicate the right people to the right tables to make sure all your guests get a consistently great experience. Your reputation is something to be protected and Epicuri will do everything it can to help you.


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