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I’m Ready!

That’s great news! Whether you just want a demo, or you’re ready for the whole stack, we’d be delighted to have you on board!
If you just want to see Epicuri in action we can schedule a demo for you at your restaurant, completely obligations free. Just contact us to arrange a time.




All you need for Epicuri to work in your restaurant is a stable internet connection and wifi. We can provide recommendations for internet service providers, who will usually give you a free wireless router. If they don’t, or you’re not satisfied with the wifi signal don’t worry! Help is at hand! We can help you get set up perfectly for Epicuri often at very little cost to you!


Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!


Just a few short steps to success… Here’s how things will proceed:


  • Contact us and we’ll chat about your hardware requirements over the phone, or arrange a site visit if necessary.
  • We’ll get your goodies delivered with explicit instructions for set-up. Don’t panic! We’re not fobbing you off… if you’d rather we do it we will of course come to you and help.
  • We’ll need just a few particulars (listed below)┬áto tweak Epicuri to your restaurant model.
  • That’s it! You’re ready to go. Thanks for joining the club!




What details will we need during set-up? Well, there’s a few fundamental things Epicuri needs to get up and running for you. All of these things only need to be done once (although they can be changed afterwards of course).


Floor plans

We map out the layout of your floors so that the waiter can see them on the app. We’ll put a default table arrangement on there too which you’re free to change and save as many times as you want.



Of course Epicuri needs to be primed with your tasty dishes! You are in total control of your own menus, but we can get you going at set-up to make things easier for you.


About your restaurant

We’ll need a picture of your logo so that when you print a bill it appears at the top. There’s various other customisations we can make too.

We’ll also ask you about the typical dining experience you’d expect your guests to have. We do this so that we can model Epicuri specifically for your restaurant. This will affect the way notifications are seen by the waiter on the tablet.

Do you offer a takeaway service at your restaurant? Do you deliver? We’ll need this kind of information so that your profile appears up to date and correct when diners look at your details.


Opening Times

We’ll need to know your opening times and any days (e.g. bank holidays) during the year that you’ll definitely be closed. We put this into the system so that diners can’t book you reservations or takeaways that you obviously wouldn’t be able to fulfil.


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