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Impatience is a virtue!

30 Dec 2014

So its time to get started with Epicuri

…What happens now?
Well, of course you know that installation of software like this is a VERY complicated process. First there are 2 months worth of workshops, 2 months to install the hardware followed by a month fiddling with the settings then your are nearly there with just a months worth of training left to do. You’ll be up and running about this time next year!

 " waiting the entire 6 hours for our tech guy to speak..."

Does it sound horribly familiar?

Well you are not to blame. We heard of a very popular Indian restaurant in north-west London who stuck it out for over 4 months (and over £20k upfront costs!) while their systems were being installed and configured. 4 Months before they could process their first customer through their ‘modern’ EPOS system.
Fortunately we don’t need anywhere near that kind of commitment.
Epicuri has been built to be set-up fast. Just point us toward the internet connection at your restaurant and we will set-up all your details, menu’s,  settings, etc through a series of easy, straightforward questions. Once once set-up, tweaking these settings is a matter of a few mins and the change is instant.
You could be up, running and taking orders with Epicuri within the hour and then we can tune and adjust until your front of house is humming. Even after, the support you get is fanatical, we are here to help every step of the way. Fixes and new features will come in thick and fast making sure that Epicuri continues to stay ahead of the game when it comes to new and innovative ways to give your restaurant a boost.

Try it on for size!

With a only a small 30 mins time commitment, a free trial and such a big potential for benefit… why are you still reading this??
Call 0203 291 4021 now to book a demo and get the ball rolling!
(seriously? you’re STILL reading? Get dialling!)


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