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Is the tail wagging the dog?


A question that is often asked is…


What type of restaurant would Epicuri fit?


Too often we have heard of restaurant technology obliging the the restaurant to follow their processes… Some of these rigid systems impose complicated procedures, ‘special’ technology and have long and drawn-out learning curves before you can start to take any benefit from them. Are you working for the technology or is the technology working for you?


In contrast, Epicuri is able to offer its significant benefits to most (if not all!) of the common restaurant configurations. If you believe you are different, talk to us and we can shape Epicuri to be a perfect fit.

So where does epicuri fit best? The challenge we pose to you is … Tell us where it doesn’t?!


I have a traditional restaurant setting


This is Epicuri’s bread and butter!



Happily take full advantage of all features of Epicuri.


I only deal with set-menus


No problem! Epicuri’s menu manager is built with flexibility in mind!


  • Use Epicuri to make your guest selection for each course, then add the set-menu cost
  • Self service can still be used for non-standard items (not on the set menu)
  • Can support choice of of number of set-menu options (2 course, 3 course, optional extras’)


I am a buffet restaurant


Happy days for you!


  • Guests can self-service their drinks too
  • Reduce the need even further for staff taking orders


Epicuri will be really fast to set up without the need for additional food items on the menu.


My service is pub style


No issue at all.


  • Open a tab or settle straight away, the table can be marked as paid but kept open while they enjoy their meal.
  • If a tab is active, offer the option of self service to avoid queuing at the bar


Epicuri can be kept at the bar and guests allocated to their table when they come to place the order.
Epicuri was built from the ground up to be fast, easy to use and sensitive to the needs of YOUR particular set-up. So much so, when we come to do the (free, no-obligation!) demo, we can have it set up just for you already! Your menus, your service style, your settings…. say the word and you will be up and running on Epicuri within the hour!


Call us today!


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