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Is your restaurant leaking ?

In the process of putting together the feature list for Epicuri, we surveyed  hundreds of guests and spoke to a great many establishments.  We found the results quite astounding.

The vast majority of restaurants are leaking orders by an alarming amount!

The cause is primarily down to outdated infrastructure that is no longer in line with how things are done in a world that is now ‘mobile’ tech savvy.  By this I mean taking orders by relying on telephone lines, people to answer them, inconvenient website forms or even just staff that are far too busy.  These factors are effectively throttling your capacity to service your guests at the level they require. Guests are not always able to get your attention when they want it, and so you are not getting the orders that you are entitled to!

This is a lose-lose situation

And it’s serious! For that reason we too took steps with Epicuri to make this kind of thing disappear. In stark contrast to the above, Epicuri offers a platform that, amongst other capabilities, allow your restaurant to process reservations and takeaways at any time, using the ultra convenience of the guests’ smartphones – allowing them to make bookings as well as order at their convenience. According to one marketing magazine the smartphone market is set to hit 75% penetration in 2014; so why shouldn’t we take advantage?   We are very excited by this particular feature set of Epicuri as it’s a brilliant example of how BIG results can come from actually making less effort! The level of autonomy offered to guests can be  tempered according to your ethos as a restaurant,  allowing you to accept routine, high volume items for self-service (drinks, sides, appetisers) and therefore enabling you to reinvest the effort saved back into the guest experience by helping guests through their choice of the main event.

The end result…

Imagine if Epicuri helps your restaurant capture:

  • 1 extra takeaway a week… now that they are not blocked by a busy phone line
  • 1 extra table reservation a week… now that the guests can book conveniently using their app
  • 1 extra drinks order per day… now that the guest doesn’t lose patience waiting for the attention of busy wait-staff

Even just one extra (a ridiculously conservative assumption!) could significantly raise the bar for guest satisfaction and table value at your restaurant… not to mention more than cover the subscription for Epicuri already!   How many tables/takeaways do you actually actually turn a week and what is a more realistic assumption ?   As the industry grows and becomes more competitive, the pressure is on for busy restaurateurs and staff need to stand above the crowd and a offer better and more personal service.  Given what is on offer now and the keen prices at which it can be acquired, can restaurants afford to miss out and be held back by decades old technology?

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