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Its all in the name!

Greek philosopher Epicurus

Epicuri might seem like a curious name for a full-service restaurant management app, but the history behind our name gives great insight as to who we are as a company.


Epicurus was a Greek philosopher who lived from 341-370 BC. While only a few letters remain in his own hand, he was very influential during his time and his philosophies are well-documented by his followers, who came to be known as Epicureans.


Epicurus believed in living a happy life! He believed in the value of friendship and camaraderie, especially in a world that can border on impersonal. He is often attributed with the quote, “eat, drink, and enjoy life.”


The philosophies of Epicurus have inspired Epicuri from the beginning. We know restaurateurs lives are anything but tranquil (a little excitement is never a bad thing!) but we created a potent service designed for maximum impact with minimum hassle. We value friendship, so we created an app for guests to allow guests to connect their favourite restaurants with their friends. Our customer service deliberately fosters a culture of partnership so that our members know that if and when things don’t go to plan, they are never alone and we will do everything we can to help!


Lastly, we make good on the “eat, drink, and enjoy life” mantra. What good is hard work if you can’t enjoy good food with good people?


Hopefully Epicurus is proud of us and if he were around today, we think that he would be our top Epicuri user. Hey! Back then they had tablets too… only theirs were made out of stone…



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