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Me, Myself and I

While going through our journey of introducing Epicuri to the world, there are a few questions and observations that come up often.


An App Just for me?


One feedback is that the Epicuri guest app will hold all the Epicuri restaurants for the guests to see, rather than being an app specifically for your restaurant. During a few of these conversations, the impression we have is that restaurants see this as a disadvantage as they feel they may be competing for the attention of the guest.


First off, let’s address the basic misconception… Epicuri is not a discovery service in the traditional sense! There are many marketing services that you can sign up to (and pay as much as you like for!) to get your restaurant marketed listed among 1000’s of others and get busy trying to stand out for the attention of potential diners.

If we offered every restaurant their own app, this is a terrible experience for the guest! They are obliged to download an app for each restaurant separately, they clutter up the phone, all behave differently and frankly you are still competing for attention as now the guest will see all the other restaurant apps while searching for yours!


Not only that, by the time you’ve just broken through the surface of the sea of competition, you’ll have realised the immense expense involved in getting there just wasn’t cost effective. App development and testing – to the highest degree to which Epicuri places itself – is not a matter of getting a wheeler dealer developer to knock something up and put in the marketplace. It takes time, money and effort in equal measure.


There is a better way!


In contrast, the intention for Epicuri guest app is to act as a ‘phonebook’ for all their favourite restaurants. Do you ever open your phone-book to browse who you might call? Usually not! You open your phonebook with a purpose, its an app that conveniently holds all the information to allow you to contact the person you want to… similarly the guest app is a phonebook for their favourite restaurants from which they can call you, browse your latest menu, book takeaways and reserve tables and more!


So, we hear you say, what about all the marketing and helping restaurants grow their customer base? Well, we have some fantastic ideas in the pipeline that will be released shortly in addition to the current stock of great features. Follow our blog, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with latest developments!

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