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Menu Management


Epicuri has a very flexible approach to creating and managing multiple menus, items and their various options. With just a few clicks on the Waiter App ensure that all menus are updated and pushed down to all the devices that are viewing them, including where potential guests are busy browsing for the next way to fill their bellies !


Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Fuss


  • Create multiple menu’s and switch between them with ease!
  • Edit and archive menus and have them update immediately on other devices in your restaurant, including the self-service menus that your guests see.
  • Enable/disable items on the menu, updated to all devices instantly to stop further ordering (in case that ‘catch of the day’ was too popular!)
  • Create any categorisation style you require… cover everything from complex menu structures to the most simple, straightforward menus.


Modify away!


Do you have potentially complex menu items that require additional information for ordering? Don’t worry, Epicuri has you covered! With various in-built modifiers, completely flexible in their own right, you can create complex menu items at order time without creating a menu that looks like an car instruction manual. Common modifiers can be stored and recalled as necessary, be reminded of mandatory modifiers so that the kitchen staff stay happy and have everything they need to cook up the perfect meal.


Link Menus with Services


If your establishment offers different styles of service for different occasions, or even for different parts of the day, Epicuri can link your menus to those services… making menu selection ultra simple!


And here’s when it gets really interesting… have complete control over your self-service menu by adding your popular drinks and snacks and guests will see them on their Guest App available to order!


Fully editable menu items


Creating menu items is an absolute breeze with Epicuri! Add items, edit them down to pricing, description, even VAT level!


Do you have the same item on multiple menus? No problem! Add items to as many menus as you want, change the item once and it is reflected across menus.


Have items that are no longer available? No worries! Just mark the item as unavailable and it will update instantly to avoid disappointing your guests.


In short, Epicuri has your back! We’ll help you set this up as complex or as simple as you need. After that, all you have to do is keep it up to date! Having a menu overhaul? Not to worry… give us a call and we will help you through it again… we are always here to help!

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