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New EU Food Allergen Rules: Let Epicuri Take Care of it!



EU food agencies have introduced new regulations, due to come into effect on December 2014, which will stipulate the responsibilities of the restaurant to communicate allergen advice on all food served at the venue. The website has a summary version of the EU1169/2011 FIR Regs, click here to read more. The actual regulation documents can be found here.

These regulations will affect all food service organisations, no matter what the size.

In short, if you serve food then you are affected. These new regulations carry unlimited fines for every offence and they come into force during the busiest time of the year. The widely reported estimate is that this change is going to cost the industry £200m to comply.


How can Epicuri help?

The waiter forgot to ask, or your guest forgot to mention… either way the potential repercussions are too serious to be left to chance. This is exactly why these new rules have been introduced.

Whilst regulations like these are here to protect the health of diners and so good for industry in the long run, making sure your restaurant is updated could lighten the purse especially for the independent restaurant business owner. You are now obliged to update and reprint all your menus, retrain staff and change the way they wait tables

As always Epicuri is here to help, with just 4 months to get ready, there is never a better time to adopt Epicuri. Rather than trying to absorb all the additional effort and cost of keeping the labelling of menu items within regulations… why not make it simpler and just let Epicuri handle the fuss?


Of course this is Epicuri… so that’s not nearly all!

Many providers will help you get to the bare minimum needed to keep you within the law… with Epicuri you are in an unique position to go further: actually offer your guests a more personal service and completely remove the worry of an allergen incident from your restaurant floor.

With our unique Guest App, Epicuri guests will have already filled out their profile with Allergy Alerts. Your waiters see it the moment the guest walks in and can make doubly sure they don’t order that Shellfish in Peanut and Cream sauce!


Hot off the press!

Epicuri has already started development for some exciting new features in this space! Epicuri will let you, the restaurant, record and share the allergens on the menu items. Also a way for diners to state which allergens may affect them! We are taking this even further by creating a fast, comprehensive system for sharing allergen information along with REAL-TIME alerts to all but remove any risk.


  • Fully compliant menu management for recording all 14 allergens listed by the regulator. With Epicuri digital menus, update menu-items with allergy information in minutes with a few touches.
  • Allergen information is updated instantly and shown on ALL digital menus. No need for expensive menu reprints, update as often as you like!
  • Real-time allergen checking! Epicuri will tell you instantly if any of your guests are allergic to a dish being ordered. Unique to Epicuri!
  • Real-time allergen alerts! Epicuri will notify the guest that an item ordered is not suitable for them. Unique to Epicuri!


The Epicuri team is committed to help you and your guests stop worrying about allergens and get back to enjoying the food, service and ambience your restaurant is famous for.



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