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How Epicuri Can Help With Communicating New EU Food Regulations Regarding Food Allergens

In December 2014 new EU food regulations will come into force regarding the responsibilities of a restaurant to communicate to its customer’s allergen advice for all food served at that restaurant.  These new regulations will affect all restaurants and takeaways no matter how big or how small. Failure to comply with this new legislation could mean an unlimited fine imposed on the restaurant owner for each offence.


These new EU food regulations have been imposed as it is widely believed that far too many food service outlets are not advising their customers of the presence of food allergens such as nuts, wheat, sesame seeds, eggs, milk etc., all of which can induce anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic to these types of items in foodstuffs.


Under these new regulations restaurants and takeaways will be obliged to update and reprint their menus. Plus all front of house staff will need to be retrained to ensure that they ALWAYS inform ALL customers of the presence in dishes of any food allergens. Both of these requirements can be costly to implement, especially to smaller food sector businesses.


So if you are in this position and are wondering how you can comply with these new rules in a cost effective manner then you need to consider subscribing to Epicuri.


The Guest App from Epicuri will help you to offer your guest a more personal service including informing them of food allergens in certain dishes that you offer, so helping to remove any worry of non-compliance with their new EU legislation.


By using the Epicuri Guest App your valued customers can complete the profile section which includes listing any food allergies. Your front of house staff can refer to this when taking a booking from the customer so that your restaurant is fully informed of any allergies a customer may have even before they enter your establishment.  Therefore if, for example, a customer has a nut allergy and they order a dish containing nuts, using the Epicuri Guest App a waiter taking their order can inform them of the presence of nuts in the dish and offer an alternative dish that is allergen free. Far easier and precise than the cost and effort of relabeling menus within the next six weeks!


The Epicuri App offers fully EU compliant recording of all of the 14 allergens listed in these new regulations and by using Epicuri digital menus you can update menus  with allergy information a the click of a mouse.


To find out more or book a demo visit the Epicuri website at: or contact them on: 0203 2914021 or email:

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