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Restaurant Point Of Sale System

It is widely accepted that restaurants generally have a lower profit margin than many other types of businesses.  Therefore to ensure the success of your restaurant business you need to be totally focussed and dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your business are the very best that they can be so that the customer experience is one that is memorable for all the right reasons.


Not only must your food be outstanding, but the atmosphere of your restaurant and the front of house service that your valued customers receive, right from the booking process through to paying the bill, are of the highest possible standard.


If you are committed to ensuring that your restaurant is the ‘go to’ place for customers in your town, you would be well advised to subscribe to Epicuri, the ultimate fully featured front of house EPOS system available for restaurateurs.


Using Epicuri will make your restaurant point of sale system far more powerful than any method you may currently employ.  It will help your restaurant business to become faster and more efficient at capturing orders so allowing you to welcome and engage with your guests in a far more effective way.


Through the Epicuri app your diners can book a table at any time of the day or night ensuring that you will never lose a booking or a takeaway order. In addition once in your restaurant your guests can place their food and drinks order, view their bill, or ask for a member of your waiting staff to attend to their table. By using Epicuri for these routine tasks the time of your front of house staff is freed up for the important job of communicating with customer s and making their dining experience extra special.


The Epicuri EPOS system will also prove invaluable in collecting data such as patterns in foot fall, customer profiles, the most ordered dishes etc., to help you analyse the success of your restaurant and make any alterations as necessary to ensure its continued success


To find out more or book a demo visit the Epicuri website at: or contact them on: 0203 2914021 or email:


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