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On Screen & Printed Order Slips


Manage orders instantaneously with Epicuri’s wireless ordering system!


No Unnecessary Waste of Time / Effort


How much time do your waiters waste by running between table and kitchen/bar delivering order slips?  It’s probably worse than you think! We see 9 out of 10 restaurants with systems already having to first write the order on a slip… and physically re-key it into the POS system to produce a bill and then give a copy to the kitchen and to the bar.


Taking an order for the guests is the most common and most important task of your wait staff. This was the first activity the Epicuri team looked to improve.  It should not take so much time and effort to record a simple order for a guest. Period.


Epicuri lets your waiters (and indeed your guests with the Guest App) create orders at the table. What’s more, Epicuri wirelessly transmits these order instantly and intelligently to the right place i.e. send drinks orders direct to the bar, and all food to the kitchen! The updated order is held in the Epicuri cloud ready for whenever you want to apply your adjustments and print out the bill. The host entered the order a grand total of ONCE!


…and you would be forgiven to think that’s a good as it gets!


Not so! Epicuri Self Service works in the same way, guests use their phones to create an order… the order appears at the bar/kitchen in the same way and is automatically added to the guest bill. The waiter didn’t even  know until the drinks were ready to table. Sounds simple, (the best ideas usually are!) but what a huge difference it can make to your restaurant floor.

That effort is better spent with your guests – developing a service that is second to none! And that is what Epicuri is here to help you do!



Wireless is half way to Paperless!


Epicuri supports direct print slip functionality. You create an order on the Waiter App and out pops the print out at the kitchen or bar!


Why not go one step further and use Epicuri’s on-screen ticketing function? A touch screen can be set up in the kitchen where all the staff can see incoming tickets and upcoming takeaways. Mark tickets or items as done, or cancel directly.


  • No more duplicate or lost orders
  • No more confusion over ordered items
  • Instantaneous feedback, all taken care of by Epicuri seamlessly!


No fancy hardware needed, view these incoming orders on any internet connected device.


Just another amazing feature to help keep your restaurant running smoothly.

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