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Partners with The Chefs’ Forum!


Epicuri & The Chefs’ Forum


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Epicuri is not your average restaurant management app. From its unique collaborative features between guests and establishments to its innovative use of social media, Epicuri is one step ahead of all other products of its kind. To take this one step further, Epicuri has another unique facet: The only tech partner of its kind to forge an alliance with the prestigious Chefs’ Forum.


The Chefs’ Forum and Epicuri Partnership, based on the London region – long regarded as the food and hospitality capital of the world – is a collaborative online community where food service professionals in various roles can work together to make landmark changes in the hospitality industry worldwide.


Our partnership with the Chefs’ forum gives us the unique opportunity to dialog with some of the top chefs and restaurant owners in Britain and use their advice to further develop and enhance the Epicuri experience to maximize its potential to help YOU create the best dining experience possible for your guests: one they will always remember, one they will repeatedly come back to, and one that they will tell all of their friends about.


The purpose of the Chef’s Forum is “to mentor, share ideas, motivate, and inspire the talent of tomorrow.


Isn’t this what you want for yourself as an owner, chef, or player in any part of the food service industry? Then you are in luck, because that is exactly the experience that Epicuri aims to provide! Not only are we excited about working with the Chef’s Forum, they are also excited to see what is to come. Its truly a testament to the kind of product that we have built.


Visit to read our profile page in their partners section and see what all the buzz is about.



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