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Reduce Staff Effort

Boy… it’s just manic on Fridays!


The restaurant is  full, the kitchen is buzzing, there’s conversation and laughter and the atmosphere is electric. There is nothing like a busy restaurant to remember this is why all the hard work is worthwhile…


BUT when the restaurant is brimming and you and your staff are rushed off your feet, there is no just time to stop and think if your hard earned reputation is really living up to its full potential… are your guests getting the experience, attention and service they deserve or does a busy evening cause your otherwise impeccable standards slip?


Epicuri is here so that you don’t have to worry about this any more. Through our extensive research, we identified some common experiences that guests shared that often made them leave their favourite restaurants with a bit of a sour taste. So we built Epicuri to make these problems vanish.


Reduce the time spent taking phone bookings


Epicuri allows diners to book tables and takeaways remotely. For those bookings there is no effort needed from your staff. Epicuri receives the requests, puts them through a series of checks before placing into your virtual book. No need to answer calls while a guest stand waiting for service. And of course, no extra charge per booking either.


Reduce time taking common orders


Over 50% of all diners admit to giving up on an order because the waiter was too busy to hail. Common and frequent items like drinks, sides, appetisers can be ordered by self-service. The order is routed directly to the kitchen and added to the bill with no effort from the wait staff needed. For more complicated requests, the guests can even request service (shown on the Epicuri’s live table status). You know exactly where your attention is needed the most instantly.


Fast, wireless, at-table ordering


Epicuri takes orders at the table and wirelessly routes them to the kitchen and adds them to the tab. Orders reach the kitchen faster, saving  5 – 10 minutes on ticket time allowing the Kitchen to manage their time better. No lost order slips, order errors, or dealing with scraps of paper to produce a bill. 


Is it all worth it?


In trials we found all this could amount to 30-35% overall reduction in staff effort,  which when invested back into the restaurant floor means an altogether more personal and attentive service for your guests.


With Epicuri, staff can manage more tables, achieve higher table values and with higher guest satisfaction.


To unlock the full potential of your restaurant, Epicuri is the key!





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