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Reservations & Takeaways


So there’s lots of systems out there that handle reservations and takeaways… including a notepad and pen… what makes Epicuri so special?


We’re not greedy


As soon we start talking about reservations and takeaways there’s the immediate dread that this is going to cost you piles of money. Or worse, your guests blame you when they find out that they are having to pay to use a takeaway service! Reservations and takeaways are a staple part of your business and we don’t want to take advantage and hold services like these to ransom.  We hear you, so lets get a few things straight…


We do not charge you or your guests per reservation.

We do not charge you or your guests per takeaway.


Epicuri is a single flat monthly subscription , for all of it… everything… no cut, premiums, fees or hidden costs.


Let the cloud do the hard work


As soon as reservations/takeaways are created, edited, or cancelled they are stored up in Epicuri’s brain. It doesn’t matter if your device suddenly falls apart,  we have it in the cloud – safe and secure. When you get a new devices everything syncs within seconds.


From the Waiter App you can browse through your calendar with ease, and manage each item down to its smallest detail!


Bing! A takeway is due in 40 minutes! Watch your printers and screens light up with the alerts and print outs auto-magically! No effort required from you whatsoever! (Except to cook, of course).


Fingertip bookings


There are so many things that make Epicuri unique, but its perfect partnership with the Guest App has got to be the killer feature!


Our research shows that your guests are screaming for ever more convenient ways to book breakfast, lunch or dinner at your restaurant. Its our obligation to help them!


Epicuri solves this quickly and easily – guests can create reservations and takeaways from the Guest App with just a few clicks. Everything syncs up to your Waiter App automatically. Bookings within reason are automatically accepted and placed into your queue… abnormal bookings are identified and passed to you for a one touch approval before being accepted!  See how your evening service looks on your tablet from anywhere with a internet connection and at your convenience. Yes anywhere!


Reasonable ? Abnormal ? Meet Epicuri Fusebox


With our unique rules engine, Epicuri can gives you fine control – and protection – so that you don’t suddenly find yourself overbooked, overcooked, or delivering half way round the world for pittance!


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