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Self service. Great Idea…bad execution!

Great Idea…

Lets talk about customer engagement.

Better customer engagement is definitely a good idea and given the technology available today, the potential for engaging your diners has never been higher. One of the key parts of this engagement is in the area of self service whether that means placing orders, viewing menus or submitting payment.

Many studies have shown that for the vast majority of establishments, some degree of customer self service has been shown to increase table values and increase customer satisfaction. It seems that self service can do no wrong, allowing restaurateurs to capture more orders, turn tables quicker with higher satisfaction level.

Given that the benefits are clear to see, self service (to some degree) is resoundingly considered a good idea.


…but then comes the bad execution


For restaurants to take advantage of this research, the best the market has come up with so far are systems (usually built on iOS) that oblige the restaurant themselves to invest in devices placed on every table.  Imagine a 50-cover restaurant each with an iPad on a table. That already represents a £15,000 investment just to get started!

Then there is customisation styling, peripherals, maintenance… the list goes on. Unless you are a themed restaurant, you probably do not want so many screens as a permanent fixture on your tables.

Untitled 3

It’s not a look for everyone!

At Epicuri we are totally supportive of any idea that help the restauranteur and the diner alike… but to resort to measures like this makes us cringe!!

Even if implemented correctly then it is a rare Win-Win situation but we also think about how long it would take to see positive return on such an investment, with the continued overheads of the real world: tablets (sadly) get stolen / broken / have beer spilt all over. Month upon month, these costs will stack up.


A better way to do it!


Incredibly simple, unobtrusive, one-touch self-service from the diners own smartphone.

Why does any restaurant need to buy all this fancy equipment when the diner is already carrying it in their pocket?!

With Epicuri you get the best of everything. Amongst the great many features it gives you for better customer engagement, the flexible self service platforms it offers is incredibly robust and has a low cost footprint. You get all the benefits of self-service with barely any extra investment.

Self service is only one small part of Epicuri’s capability. However, in trials we found just the self servicing of drinks added around 15% revenue to the average table, this was enough to more than cover their modest Epicuri subscription already before we even started to talk about the many other benefits..

Epicuri is not a product, it is a platform on which restaurateurs and diners are brought closer together. Self-service using diners’ own devices is just one of many features that you won’t find anywhere other than Epicuri. We are here to help you create happier guests while supporting your restaurant for better commercial success.

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