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Staff Management & Security


Whether you decide to have tablets in the hands of just key staff or have the entire wait staff in your restaurant to carry a device, Epicuri let’s you easily manage users – directly on the Waiter App.


Secure Log On




Epicuri is a locked down app so that your data and the ability to get into the app is secure for you and your staff.


And there’s no need to carry cards or tags! Ask your staff member to put in a memorable 4 digit PIN and password to unlock and start using it.


Secure Permissions to Features




It’s a matter of a few clicks to add a staff member to Epicuri!


There are features in the Waiter App that any staff member can do – such as ordering for a table. There are other administrative features that are purely geared towards to the manager/owner.


Add manager and staff roles easily, each with their unique identity on the app!


Its simple for a reason! Epicuri has robust security doesn’t slow you down but provides you with maximum protection!

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