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Where do your recommendations come from? Make sure it’s Epicuri!

Not everything is as it seems…

Recently, the restaurant La Scaletta in Italy made global headlines when it earned a top ranking on Trip Adviser… but not for the ratings, for the fact that the restaurant didn’t even EXIST! To prove a flaw in the website’s rating system, a local newspaper created a fake profile for a restaurant and started posting ratings. This proves that reviewing system is flawed and open to manipulation, which is a big deal when you consider the fact that just under half of people who use restaurant reviews to decide where to go do so on TripAdviser.

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27 May 2015

Epicuri Restaurant Menu API

Ordering Food Online

Epicuri is announcing the first part of our Open API Library now available to subscribers.

Restaurant Menus.

As part of the Epicuri set-up, your restaurant menus were modelled and digitised ready for Epicuri to serve up (pun intended) while your wait staff are by the table taking an order … we have now made all that hard work more worthwhile by making your menus available via an API and so, consumable in many more ways.

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14 Apr 2015

Epicuri and Hotel F&B

No longer a side effect!


A few months back we were be exhibiting at IHTF, a forum for hoteliers to talk about the technology that enable services at their Hotels.


Overwhelmingly the products on offer had focus on the ‘rooms’ business and geared toward guests being able to take maximum benefit from the guests STAY at the hotel.


We believe that there is a big investment at the hotel that remains relatively untapped. The hotel restaurant, until recently, has been seen as just a side effect of the hotel stay. In many cases the investment and emphasis was lacking in that the outlet is seen as just a convenience and has quality and service below that of ‘dedicated’ restaurants just outside the hotel.

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21 Feb 2015

2015, a new year for your restaurant




How was your January? Restaurateurs across the country often enjoy a bit of time to breathe out after the manic of December, a few weeks to recuperate, regroup and actually a few moments to reflect on the coming 12 months and what you might want to achieve for your restaurant

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21 Feb 2015

Get connected!


Epicuri runs online… so what if restaurants lose their connection?


Even in the most ideal situations, the internet can still be a little unreliable. How does Epicuri respond during momentary losses of connection or complete connectivity failure?
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