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Technology: Friend of Foe?

Technology should help restaurants, not hurt them!

LinkedIn recently reported that technology is killing off independent pizzerias in the United States at the rate of roughly 2,549 locations per year (in 2015 alone).

If pizza chains are first, who is next? Why is this happening?

The heart of the cause is that tech-savvy companies, specifically those that offer online ordering and promos or discounts for doing so, are taking business away from venues that do not offer those options, either because they are smaller “mom and pop” establishments, because their owners just don’t have a strong command of technology, or quite simply because it’s too expensive to take advantage of.

Confused caveman chooses between food and modern technology

Technology and a good dining experience shouldn’t be so difficult to mix!


Those restaurants that are utilising technology are flourishing, which is good for the economy, but the death of the local venues is bad for the food industry overall. It’s these independent restaurants that are the lifeblood of the industry; this is where the true variety resides, character invented and innovation born!


At Epicuri, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology it for the greater good hand in hand with these traditional values. By analysing the factors that cause technology to help or hurt a business, we can help our clients get the edge they need. As millennials and older generations alike gravitate more to the internet, these are the new rules of food ordering:


  • Customers are less likely to order in person or over the phone, instead preferring the convenience of ordering online/via mobile.
  • Customers, when possible, will use their smart phones to place their orders instead of their computers. Native apps offer better experiences than web apps, which makes it as easy as possible to order!
  • Restaurant information needs to be readily available to customers i.e. mobile-compatible website with a full interactive menu (and seriously guys, no 8mb scans of the paper menus please, that’s really awful for the guest to read on a phone)
  • Restaurants need to recognise their customers, use systems like Epicuri to remember customer preferences and even repeat past orders.
  • At Epicuri, we have said since day one that one of the goals we hope to achieve is to level the playing field in the restaurant industry so that the small, family restaurants have a fighting chance against the big giants. We are passionate about supporting the diverse culture that only a variety of eateries can bring, which is why Epicuri is happy to take the same technology used by restaurant moguls for online ordering and offer it to our customers for a modest and manageable fee. We have a wide variety of innovative tech options to fit every need, whether you are looking for a turn-key solution or a more guided and facilitated approach. Our goal is to increase your presence and make your restaurant more convenient to your guests


Contact us today to find out how our talented and experienced staff can start taking care of all of your online needs so that you can choose to spend your valuable and limited time on growing your following!

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