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The Epicuri ‘Fusebox’

Now this is a very clever box of tricks…!


Protect your business


The fusebox in the home is your safety net. When capacity is reached the switch trips so you are protected.


Epicuri fusebox works in exactly the same way. Your restaurant limits are modelled to make sure everything works safely within these limits – all controlled effortlessly by Epicuri. For example…


  • How many takeaways per hour should Epicuri automatically accept ?
  • What are your opening hours for reservations? takeaways?
  • What’s the minimum or maximum takeaway value Epicuri should accept?
  • What’s the free delivery radius for orders to go? How much does it cost after that? How far will the driver go?

and so on…


Sounds complicated? Well actually it is! This is very a powerful capability, unique to Epicuri, state-of-the-art and has taken many, many months of hard work to get right!  This is the heart of Epicuri and so should only be operated on by qualified surgeons!  Which is why setting up your personalised fusebox is one of the first things the Epicuri team will take you through.


What does it involve?


Basically it’ll boil down to a series of simple questions. Your answers will teach Epicuri how to behave in a number of different situations. It helps Epicuri auto accept requests on your behalf (saving you piles of time and effort!) but then deferring the other items for your approval when the criteria is not met.


For example: We set the “Maximum number of diners on a reservation” to be 25. When a guest tries to make a reservation for 26 or more they will receive a Pending Approval message and you will be notified on Epicuri of a reservation that needs your approval. With one touch, you can review the details and choose to accept or reject, which then updates on the Guests screen. That’s it!


Pending Approvals


It’s this clever little rules engine that ultimately makes the end result just so easy!


All this is set up as part of your initiation into the Epicuri family, we’ll help you every step of the way and even check in with you now and again to make sure it stays up-to-date.



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