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The Guest App

The Epicuri Guest App is the unique spice to the Epicuri dish.


For diners…


OpenTable, JustEat, HungryHouse… so many apps to do so many things, what makes Epicuri special?


Well, it’s simple… Most of these apps concentrate on a single part of the overral event, and some of them even manage to do it pretty well! They can help you find a restaurant or make a reservation or order a takeaway… And then what? Nothing! Thank you and goodbye!


Epicuri aims to be different, it looks after your guests, from the moment they feel that pang of hunger right through to their (second?) dessert.


  • Search for participating restaurants on the Epicuri guest app and make a reservation or schedule a takeaway for the match on Friday
  • Browse digital menus to see what whets your appettite
  • Fill in guest profile so that the  host knows what your favourite tastes are, dietary requirements or whether you have an allergy.


Use our unique check-in feature, one of the simplest-yet-powerful features of the Guest App. Tap the phone on the Epicuri NFC sticker or scan the QR code, and you’re hooked into the Epicuri system! Call for service, order items to the table, review the bill, calculate bill splits and much, much more!


Download Epicuri from the App Store or Google Play now and experience it first hand!


For restaurants…


Although the system as a whole does not require guests to have the app, without it you are missing out Epicuri’s powerful effect on your restaurant.


Just imagine how many missed opportunities you have in a single evening… the waiter is too busy, or worse, forgot to deliver an order to the kitchen; that group is left waiting that little bit too long and changes their mind about that extra beer.


With Epicuri there is a simple solution. Put routine tasks in the hands of the guest, it means better customer satisfaction and saving your staff time and effort. Let your waiters deliver value by spending their time engaging with your guests, talk to them, build a rapport and deliver that memorable and outstanding service that your restaurant should be famous for.



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Guest Check-in


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