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Where do your recommendations come from? Make sure it’s Epicuri!

Not everything is as it seems…

Recently, the restaurant La Scaletta in Italy made global headlines when it earned a top ranking on Trip Adviser… but not for the ratings, for the fact that the restaurant didn’t even EXIST! To prove a flaw in the website’s rating system, a local newspaper created a fake profile for a restaurant and started posting ratings. This proves that reviewing system is flawed and open to manipulation, which is a big deal when you consider the fact that just under half of people who use restaurant reviews to decide where to go do so on TripAdviser.

This newspaper engineered ratings for the positive, but what about the potential –and the reality- of malcontented individuals doing it for negative purposes? Don’t let it happen to you; let Epicuri take charge of your restaurant’s recommendations!

Friends do it better

Recommendations from friends beats an anonymous review by a country mile.

An upcoming version of Epicuri has the addition of a buddy recommendation system where friends can recommend their favourite restaurant to friends, not only that but suggest actually dishes that they think will blow them away! Epicuri will be able to curate specific diners who are likely to frequent and enjoy your particular establishment.

Other websites like Toptable, Bookatable, and Tripadvisor are great at getting bodies through the door but are they guests with good ‘lifetime value’? Or will they likely cash in their 40% voucher and you will never see them again?

Epicuri uses your restaurant data, matches it with diner behaviour and finds your next bunch dedicated fans who will not only enjoy your venue but likely to shout about it to anyone that will listen!

Get onboard early! Email us to set up a demo, info@epicuri.co.uk

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